SNSD 2nd Album – Oh!

Release Date: January 28, 2010

Label: SM Entertainment

Code: SMCD197

-Comes with 1 out of  19 randomly selected photo cards, plus an unknown number of rare photo cards                                                                          -Initial interest in the album was high, as physical and online pre-orders of the album totaled 150,000 copies. On its first day of sale, Oh! sold 30,000 copies.                                                                                              -The album was released in more than 80 countries including the U.S., Canada, England, France, Japan, China and Ireland viaiTunes on February 8, 2010.            -Upon the album’s full release, various album tracks charted in the top ten of various charts

Language: Korean


The title song of the 2nd album Oh! is a refined electronic pop song presented by the hit composer Kenzie. Also, the lyrics contain the candid and lovely way of the girls’confession to the lovers.

Show! Show! Show! is the work of hitchhiker who composed Abracadabra. The strong sound of the synthesizer based on Electro and Girls’Generation’s unique voice are combined perfectly to show new charms of Girls’Generation. Also, ‘Be Happy’ is a new club style dance music presented by E-TRIBE who created the hit song Gee. The song’s unique style is coming through the trendy house rhythm while Girls’Generation sends the lovely but powerful message of encouragement to those who are exhausted and weary of life. E

The First duet by Jessica and Tiffany , is called Talk To Me. The lyric about caramel-sweet love gives flutters to the hearts of the listeners to imagine a beautiful love. For Boys& Girls , Key from SHINee did featuring and it has the characteristic with the groovy and authentic melody lines. The Original Korean title is referred from the book title called “Men are From mars, Women are from Venus”and song itself interestingly depicts the various happenings caused by the different way of thinking between the boys and girls.

Basically the album contains 12 songs in total with various genres; Forever composed by Jin-Hwan Kim who also wrote One Year Later (The duet song of Jessica and ONEW), which delivers a fairy tale like tunes, Day by Day’ containing the delicate emotion of Young-Suk Yoo, Stick Wit U with addictive melody based on electronic dance and the legendary hit songs Gee as well as Genie.



01. Oh! – 03:07
02. Show! Show! Show! – 03:34
03. 뻔&Fun(Sweet Talking Baby) – 03:31
04. 영 원히 너와 꿈 꾸고 싶다(Forever) – 04:40
05. 웃자(Be Happy) – 03:31
06. 화성인 바 이러스(Boys & Girls) -feat.key(SHINee) – 04:41
07. 카라멜 커 피(Talk To Me) – 3:28
08. 별별별(☆★☆) – 04:41
09. 무조 건 해 피엔딩(Stick Wit U) – 02:49
10. 좋은 일 만 생각 하기(Day by Day) – 4:01
11. Gee – 03:20
12. 소원을 말 해봐(Genie) – 3:50